All in Grammar Guy

Set your sights on North Dakota

I didn’t wear glasses until college, which was before I believed in North Dakota. During a lecture hall class, I found myself squinting to see the chalkboard at a distance. After seeing an optometrist, I realized my vision wasn’t that great. As it turns out, I’m near-sighted.

On adverbs and sandwiches

What’s a sandwich without a little sauce? And, by sauce, of course, I mean mustard. Without mustard, a sandwich is dry, boring and lifeless. Please, I don’t want any emails from the pro-mayo lobby on this one. For me, it’s mustard or bust.

To infinitives and beyond

When I started working at a new company, I was disappointed to learn that an “enterprise” account had absolutely nothing to do with spaceships. Instead, enterprise accounts are the big fish your team reels in so that your proverbial corporate boat stays afloat… 

The guise of guys

I love collective nouns. A collective noun is a name for the group of similar things. Well-known examples include a pride of lions, a colony of ants, a herd of cows, and a murder of crows. Some of my favorite, lesser-known collective nouns are a tower of giraffes...