Captain Hook Feels Badly

We hear this one all the time: I feel badly because Randolph lost his job at the pro shop. In an effort to have better grammar we can often make it worse. So let’s figure out why the correct phrase in the above instance should be I feel bad.

The Best Way to Lead Off a New Year

It’s resolution time, which means your local gym’s treadmills will be in high demand while they glisten with other people’s sweat (until roughly the end of February). You’ve probably set some goals for yourself and defined ways you’d like to be more awesome in 2018.

How to Avoid Passive-Aggressive Voice

When it comes to writing, you should always use active voice. You should utilize active voice as often as possible so those reading your prose will understand perfectly and clearly what you’re trying to say. In active voice writing, the subject of the sentence does the action: The unicorn

Keep Your Pineapples Off My Pizza

You’d expect someone as cultured as yours truly to have a hardline stance in the negative towards a phrase like “a-whole-nother.” Today I’d like to not just blow your mind in letting you know I wholeheartedly endorse it but that I think it passes grammatical muster.

When to Upgrade Your Van

It stinks getting tripped up by words, especially words which are practically identical. It’s like trying to distinguish between a set of twins who look exactly the same except that one of them has a birthmark on the underside of his right pinky toe. This seems to be the case with long-lost word siblings then and than.