Based in Noblesville, Indiana, Curtis writes the syndicated humor column, Grammar Guy. His hilarious-yet-thoughtful book will be available in May 2020.

The Spirit of Adventure

The Spirit of Adventure

Last year, we bought the house from Up.

Not the actual house in which retired balloon salesman Carl Frederickson flies to Paradise Falls with the help of a young Wilderness Explorer and a chimney-full of helium-filled balloons, but one that looks a heck of a lot like it.

To say Pixar movies inspire me is like saying caffeine is an enjoyable part of my morning--it's a gross understatement. It goes without saying. Yet here I am, saying it: Pixar has been a continual source of inspiration in my life, from Toy Story to today, more than twenty years later.

Especially Up.

Why Up? It does a great job of capturing someone like Carl (and Ellie) who has grand dreams for his life but is incredibly hesitant to pursue them (because they're risky!). I think many people can identify with that. However, Carl takes that next step few of us take: he goes for it. 

He ties 20,622 balloons to his colorful house and takes off to chase after his childhood dream.

My lifelong dream of being a full-time creative writer manifested itself in the form of our Up house, which we moved into about a year ago. It's got this amazing studio space above the garage with parquet flooring, skylights, and tons of windows. We added a writing desk, a ping pong table, and a Beatles poster to make it just right.

It's from here in this Downtown Noblesville studio I'm writing this. It's from here I'm going for it.

So, stick around to see if the balloons propel me to my destination. For now, I'm pursuing freelance writing as a side hustle, but my goal is to be able to leave my day job in the next two years to make a living doing what I love--writing. Feel free to refer me to anyone you know who needs a writer!

Adventure is out there. Get it while you can.

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